How to use

Two ways of using Hansalim

Not commodity, but product!

Hansalim distinguishes our products from commodity trades in the markets. Because Hansalim delivers our products-our eco friendly foods and living supplies-with direct trade based on the trust.
The producer produces for the consumer’s life, and the consumer consumes for the livelihood of the producer. So Hansalim is the one community connecting each other.

Hansalim members can have Hansalim products in two ways.
Those are to visit the store and to get delivered by ordering.

● The members can visit the store nearby and freely use them.
There are 154 of stores all over the country since now. (March 2013)
● Service hours
Seoul and majority of other areas | 10am~8pm(to 5pm Saturday only)
Some areas’ closing hours are different depending on the season, the winter time
(November to February) and the summer time(March to August).
● Store Closing Day
Every Sunday, New Year’s day, Chu Seok(Korean traditional holiday),
Children’s Day, Christmas, Election day


Use Hansalim Store Like This!

You can freely visit and use the store during the service time. You can learn the information about the products as well as the members’ various activities in some stores manage by the experienced members.
● There are no plastic bags in Hansalim Store due to the environment. Please bring your own shopping bag.
● We accept payment via cash and credit card.
● We take corporate credit card. And cash receipts for business proof are available.

* To find the nearest store or to find out the service hours, please visit for further details.

● You can make orders through phone or the Internet and receive
the products at every appointed day in your home.
● Phone Order
The main number of Hansalim in each local area(refer to the page.32)
Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm
● Internet Order
Anytime OK(The orders are closed at every 9pm)


Have your products in your home easily!

If you order your products, you can have it in your home easily. The products are delivered at appointed day depending on the area. You can plan your consumption without impulse buying. In the metropolitan area, we implement the pay back scheme, which gives 1.5% of purchase amount back to you as saved money. There is no delivery in every weekends, New Year’s day, Chu Seok (Korean traditional holiday), Children’s Day, Christmas, and Election day.

※ What is the Order Closing Date?

All the orders are closed 3 days before the appointed day of delivery.(Except weekends)
The appointed day of delivery is varying in different local areas.

The total sales of Hansalim until December 2011 are about 220billion Korean won(194million USD).

Meet Hansalim easily in your smart phone and mobile device!

● Get free “Hansalim” Apps for your iPhone and Androids ● There are many convenience functions; such as seasonal food information in every other week, finding the nearest store, and Hansalim news etc.