To realize the value of Hansalim

At the late 1980s, Hansalim already recognizes the limitation of industrialism stick to the resource and economy development. So Hansalim seeks for the alternative way to make coexistence between human and nature. With this in mind, Hansalim starts the direct trade between rural urban areas with healthy food like organic rice and fertile egg to go beyond the market order. And now as of the end of 2012, Hansalim has grown up to the scale of 350 thousand households consumer members, 93 of producer’s community, and 2 thousand of farming producer members in 21 regions all over the country.

Hansalim laid the cornerstone of Korea’s cooperative movement

Hansalim registered as a consumer’s cooperative at 1988. From the time when organic agriculture was unfamiliar to Korea, Hansalim held firm to its principle of organic agriculture and has been active in exchange activities between producers and consumers as a same owner of the cooperative. These kinds of activities became a model of Korea’s cooperative movement.

Build the movement of peace of life

Direct trade of organic farm product is the major way to build up the society where Hansalim always dreamed about. Besides, Hansalim manages the institute researching on the thoughts of life and opens the classes about ecology, environment and citizen autonomy for the members. Hansalim also manages the publisher publishing its periodical and other books.