About us

The meaningful daily action which saves the earth

‘Han’ and ‘Salim’ are native Korean words.
‘Han’ means great, one, whole, and together. It also refers to all living things on earth. ‘Salim’ has two meanings. It is the domestic work that takes care of their houses, families and their children, and also means to revive and to give life. ‘Hansalim’ as a compound of these two words, menas “Save all living things”.

Hansalim is cooperative established by the producers and the consumers. The producers farm and produce products believing human and nature as well as the urban and the rural area is connected with the string of life. And the consumers use the products understanding the mind of producers. It becomes harder to set the healthy table due to the climate change and natural disasters. The market gets bigger and the fundamental of our agriculture is in danger. Hansalim is active in direct trade between the producers and the consumers based on life giving agriculture. Hansalim is also doing the meaningful daily action which saves our lives and earth through the efforts to live together with our neighbors in need, the living culture in harmony with the nature and the humble consumption.