Our Product

Hansalim only handles
the product good for
our health and our earth

Hansalim cares about our products very strictly

• We don’t handle the imported food depends on the fossil fuel being exhausted and worsen the climate change.
• We only handle the food in season. We don’t accept the cultivation with heating except the very beginning of the growth.
• We ban the use of chemical fertilizer and growth hormone. (Some of inevitable products cultivate with low pesticides)
• To protect the food sovereignty, we handle domestic products not only organic one.
• For the ingredients of the processed product, we use the domestic organic products, non-pesticides and low pesticides.
• We give priority to the products which produced from producers’ community or social enterprise.
• We give priority to the products which aim at eco friendly methods of production.
• We don’t handle the imported or artificially cultivated seafood.(Except the fish of Pollack kind.)
• We only handle the livestock products grew up in a pleasant environment, fed by non-antibiotics and non-growth hormone food.

Hansalim is strictly managing radioactive material

Hansalim set up the strictest autonomy standard on radioactive material in the country. Also Hansalim commission precise examination to the national certified research institute every month and open its detection result although it is under the standard. Hansalim’s autonomy standard is 8 Bq/Kg for the adults (includes adolescent) and 4 Bq/Kg for the infants on the Cesium134 and Cesium137. This is equal to GSPR(German Society for Radiation Protection)’s and it is among the strictest in the world. National standard announced by Korea Food and Drug Administration is 370 Bq/Kg so far.

The variety of Hansalim products

Farm products
Livestock /Marine products
Processed products
Living supplies
· Multigrain   · Livestock · Kimchi · Cosmetics
· Vegetables   · Meat processed food · Seasonings · Detergent
· Fruits   · Dairy products · Snacks · Book
· Nuts   · Seafood · Meal substitution food · Natural dyes
    · Dried fish · Health food · Pottery, Iron items
    · Sea processed food · All kinds of processed food · Lacquered living supplies

Is there any better way to save our earth?

• We are starting local based ecological circulation agriculture fertilizing soil with cow dung and raising cow with home produced feeds.
• We are trying to preserve and spread indigenous seeds.
• We are spreading the agriculture method that can preserve the biodiversity.
• Some of Hansalim producers do non-vinyl methods of agriculture.
• We are stretching the seasonal package business.

Save Korean Barley and Reduce the dependence on Import Corn

Securing the area of barley production is positively necessary to become self sufficient in food production so Hansalim develop the feed grains made of germinated Korean Barely replacing import corn. We are using this feed grains to the productions of porks in advance and also planning to apply to chickens and beef. In result, we can secure the 1.2million pyeong (about 400ha) of barley production area.