Solidarity activities

Do Hansalim with neighbors

Happy village with Hansalim

Hansalim thinks all created things are connected with the network of the life.
So there will be no peace in my family without the neighbors and
there will be no peace in the city without the rural area.
The real peace will realize when we make a harmonious coexistence.

Hansalim wishes peace of life through the table sharing with our neighbors.

At 2006, Hansalim raised the fund for day care centers in North and South Korea, collecting about 170 million Korean won. Besides, Hansalim is running local day care center directly to look after children of low income families. The day care centers managing by Hansalim producers and consumers are very helpful to the neighbors. These places set the healthy table with Hansalim products. Moreover, about 1,400 of day care centers are having cooperative relationship with Hansalim setting the table with Hansalim’s healthy food.

Open our heart, with the world

There are the fundamentals and the value of life in all sorts of the lives.
The same applies to our neighborhood beyond the borders.

Hansalim is constantly raising fund to help our neighbor countries. Raise money to help starving North Korean fellows in 1997. Collect money for Afghanistan war refugees in 2001. Collect donations to Haiti suffered from the earthquake disaster. Raise money for Pakistan marginal farmers attacked by huge flood in 2010. Support the project of making 1000 gardens in Africa. Help Japanese suffering from the radiation leak. Exposure trip to Hansalim production area with Indian agriculture activist in 2012.

Beyond the borders, For the better world!

Asian People’s Fund for mutual benefit,
“Network for exchange and solidarity among Asian people”

Hansalim established Asian People’s Fund with 22 of cooperatives and NGOs in 9 other Asian countries (East Timor, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan Palestine)and has been active since now. Due to the financial crisis, socially marginalized people such as children, women, elders and disabled all over the world are facing the danger of suffering in huger. In this point of view, Asian People’s Fund proceed mutual beneficial projects to support the producers and people’s self-reliance and to replace the relation of money with mutual trust and aid.

With the marginal farmers in Philippines Negros

Hansalim is interacting with marginal farmers in Philippines Negros. In spite of their poor condition, they are farming in organic to make their own self reliance as well as the sustainable agriculture to save our earth. Through the solidarity between Hansalim and marginal farmers, we wish they stand on their own feet. Hansalim encourages all the marginal farmers who try to save the earth and the agriculture.