Exchange between urban & rural areas

Urban and Rural area become Hansalim, ‘Han’ mind

Helping hands to producing area / Life Class

With a view of rural and urban area connected with a string of life, the producers in rural area and the city consumers trust and depend on each other. The producers and the consumers are one family, not a cold relation made with commodity and money. From 1987 to now, Hansalim is constantly organizing exchange activities such as visiting producing area program. Consumer members dig out potatoes, catch grasshoppers or pick the apples. They enjoy the folk games together with producer members every traditional holiday. The elementary school kids join the Life Class every winter, frolicking in the nature. Local Hansalims all over the country visit the producing area about 300 times a year. The consumer member who understands the meaning of the producer’s sweat and shares the food together, is already the one who engage in farming of life.

Dano Feast and Autumn Harvest Festival

On the 11th of June 1986, in the beginning period of establishment,
300 of producer and consumer members gather around and enjoy the Dano Feast together.
This Dano Feast has been going on ever since in 11 different producing areas
with 1700 of producer and consumer members.
Autumn Harvest Festival started in November 1988, also has been going on.
Hansalim protects our agriculture as well as revives the culture of rural community.