Local food

Hansalim actions cope with the climate change

Let’s reduce the carbon footprint of our food.

If it’s organic but imported from far away, we should rethink about it.
It must be refrigerated or treated in certain ways for preservation, if it’s imported from beyond the sea.
Also, carbon and other harmful pollutants produced during the transportation threats the ecology of our earth and life.
For the purpose of reducing imported products and using local food, Hansalim shows how amount of energy saved and how amount of carbon emission reduced through the receipts. For the same purpose, Hansalim tries to reduce meat diet and to increase the home produced feeds stockbreeding.

Let’s save the earth from our table by local food.

The meaningful daily action saves the life and protects our earth

  • Set the simple table based on vegetarian diet.
  • Use local food; try to inherit the traditional food culture.
  • Don’t use disposable paper cups.
  • Recycle the bottles,
  • Use the distribution box repeatedly and use the shopping basket.
  • Use the environment friendly recycle paper and use package when absolutely necessary.