What we do

Hansalim does these things

Hansalim produces and shares sustainable, environment friendly food with our neighbors
  • Direct trade between farmers and consumers.
  • Food education programs and campaigns to protect
    our health and the environment.
  • Take part in the policy-making process and social
    movement to improve food safety regulation.
The rural members work hard to make our agriculture and rural community sustainable through the life giving agriculture. The urban members encourage the agriculture of life through the various exchange activities with the rural members
  • Produce organically farmed and environment friendly products.
  • Manage the fund to maintain and to encourage the eco friendly local agriculture.
  • Exchange tour and cooperation activities between urban-rural communities.
Hansalim works to make world in harmony with human and human, as well as human and the nature coexisting peacefully together
  • Education, research and publish to realize the peace of life
  • Demonstrate the alternative way of living in harmony with nature and our neighbors.