The Journey of Hansalim

Hansalim Nongsan

Mr. Park Jai Il, the former president of Hansalim who used to do the social movement in Wonju area opened the rice store called Hansalim Nongsan in Seoul with non-pesticide rice, multigrain, sesame oil, and fertile egg. During that time, rural area producers were in unstable conditions because of the market opening pressure. The consumers in cities were in danger due to the low quality imported agriculture products covered with chemical fertilizers. So this small rice store became a seed for the healthy table.

The cooperative established

Hansalim community consumer’s cooperative established, the cooperative became the basic tool of managing the operation from the early period. There is a tradition in Hansalim that consumers visit the producing area and build up trust with producers. Hansalim Producers’ Association also gets established.

Hansalim Manifesto

The Dano Feast started at this time spread in the way of other Korean traditional Feasts, contributed to recover the rural areas’ culture of community. Hansalim Meeting organized and Hansalim Manifesto announced which spread the view of the world of life. Hansalim influenced the several of actions such as peace movements, environment campaigns, human-right movements and the religious movements. After the first local Hansalim established, other local Hansalim established later.

‘Save Korean Wheat’ Campaign

Hansalim started to cultivate Korean wheat. The indigenous seeds of Korean wheat were being disappeared but through this campaign, the production and the consumption of Korean wheat increased so we can see Korean wheat anywhere now.

Heuk Salim Institute established

Heuk Salim(Heuk refers to earth or soil) research group and institute established. Heuk salim contributed to make progress in environment friendly methods of agriculture in Korea by supplying eco friendly fertilizer and the farm materials.

Korean Federation of Sustainable
Agriculture Organizations established

Hansalim took the lead in the establishment of the Korean Federation of Sustainable Agriculture Organizations. Through this, environment friendly methods of agriculture expanded its base in Korean society and it also suggested the alternative of agriculture and rural area.

Win the Environmental Awards

Hansalim won the Good Product Awards. After that, awarded Environmental Grand Prize by the city of Seoul and received orders from government for its contribution to national development. Also Hansalim awarded Environment Friendly Agriculture Grand Prize by the ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. People’s interest in Hansalim activities have increased.

Be together With North Korean fellow and our neighbor

Hansalim and Green CO-OP in Japan delivered the contributions to save starving North Korean fellow. Since then, Hansalim is raising fund beyond borders constantly such as supporting Afghanistan war refugees or conducting a campaign to save Korean rice under the name of the rice of life etc.

Anti-fluoridation, Anti-GMO

Hanslim organized People’s Solidarity for Anti-fluoridation and conducted a campaign for anti-fluoridation. Since then, Hansalim is trying to resolve the problem of Food Safety or Environment, following the aim of Hansalim. Such as ‘Safe Food Education’, ‘School Feeding with Safe Food’, ‘Local Food Consumption’, ‘Save our Paddy field’, ‘Use recycled’, ‘Anti-GMO’ etc.

Establish Moshim and Salim Institute and Hansalim Business Association

Hansalim established Moshim and Salim Insititute and succeed the research of Hansalim Meeting and spread the Culture of life movement. And also established Hansalim Business Association, improve the efficiency of Hansalim Direct Trade Business and support local Hansalim.

20th anniversary of Hansalim

Hansalim held forum, concert and other celebrations to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hansalim. Hansalim also raised a total of 170million Korean won(194million USD) to fund nurseries in North and South Korea. Hansalim had a feast with citizens under the name of ‘Grand Festival of Peace of life and Environmental Agriculture’.


Hansalim established Hansalim Press and launched their periodical . Through this, Hansalim communicates with more people and seeks the alternative for the better world.

Establish APF together

Hansalim established Asian People’s Fund for mutual benefit(APF) with many other groups in other Asian countries.Hansalim members exceed 200 thousand households. Hansalim also opened day care centers in local area and had celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of Hansalim Manifesto’s announcement. At the end of 2012, the number of Hansalim members increased to about 350 thousand.

Supporting Haiti and Pakistan

Hansalim raised the fund for Haiti hit by a massive earth quake and Pakistan devastated by flood. Moreover, Hansalim set the fund for <1000 gardens in Africa> project and Hansalim’s producing area where suffered by climate change. Mr. Park Jei Il who led Hansalim since establishment passed away.

Hansalim Federation Established

Hansalim Federation, the representative organization of all the business and activities of Hansalim get established. Hansalim also raised the fund for supporting Japanese people suffered from earth quake and flood. Hansalim held a forum about radioactive contamination and the crisis of food.

Construction of Anseong
New Distribution Center

To run more effective and stable distribution system, Hansalim begin the construction of new distribution center in Anseong, Geonggi-do instead of Oppo. There will be food processing factory such as Korean Wheat Bakery and the facilities for reusing bottles in order. Hansalim Sunlight generation Cooperative has been established in December and it will install power production facilities which can produce 602,250kWh a year for 170 households with their invest money, 1.3 billion Korean won. Producers and consumers each raised 467 million Korean won for Production Stabilization Fund from March to December and it could support the producers affected by the disasters and climate change. Hansalim South Western Gyeongi, the 21th local cooperative established.

The second term of Hansalim Federation began

The second term of Hansalim Federation began. Due to the completion of new distribution center, Anseong new distribution center period began. The photovoltaic power plant of the Hansalim Sunlight generation Cooperative constructed on the roof of the center. According to the completion of the plant equipment of germinated barley, the production of Korean Barley feed grains began in earnest.