The aim of Hansalim Movement

We would like to live in these ways

We feel the divine life hold place in us and realize it.

Human can realize oneself when respect the divine life hold place in oneself.
As enshrine and respect ourselves, we also respect other people’s divine life.

We regard the earth where we stand on and live, as our body.

As the early human life is raised by its mother’s milk, all the human life is raised by the milk of universe, the safe table. So ‘save our earth and our life’ means cultivating the culture of life to revive the base of food production, our earth, and the agriculture.

Hansalim regards local neighbors, producers and consumers as our family.

Hansalim ought to recover the trust and love between neighbors while isolation and apathy are rampant in our society.
Hansalim’s producer takes responsibility for the life of the consumer and consumer takes responsibility for the livelihood of the producer. Through these, Hansalim builds the community living together.

Hansalim ought to take responsibility for ecosystem as a member of life in the universe.

The basis of life is to live together. All the things that allow me to be me such as the sunshine, the shade, the wind and the running water in a small ditch, we treasure it and trying to share love with it. So we are building the world of saving our earth and our life where all the lives can live together.

For the life of living together, it starts from me.

Hansalim is the movement to help and look after our neighbors and nature, moreover, our next generation with attention and love through enlarging one’s existence. We can make our local area better place through the practice of right conversion of the value of life and the style of living starting from me.